Microsoft Encode Hackathon

Code something that matters and make it open.


The goal of this hackathon: Build something interesting and make it open. We have suggested some challenges and identified four industries that we would like for you to work on. Given the open nature of this hackathon, and the time allotted, we expect you to conduct your own research and share it with others afterward.

To get you started, we have compiled the brief list below of both open source material you can find on the Microsoft site, GitHub, and elsewhere, and links related to this hackathon’s industries and challenges.

Business and market information, datasets, and other resources can usually be accessed for free—but not always. We are not limiting you to using only those resources that are free for all and listed here. If you do use for-fee resources, we ask that if possible you fairly share the resources as needed and always identify those that you used in your project.

General information

Open Source at Microsoft

Microsoft | Open Source Sample projects, tools, services, guides on contributing.


  • Open source at GitHub: documents and resources.
  • How to work collaboratively on an open source project? Among the many that have been written, GitHub’s free Whitepapers on the topic standout.

  • Supported by Red Hat, this site offers articles, guides, resources, insight into open source and how to do it from a large spectrum of open source contributors.





Financial Services




Getting started

Coming up with a great idea can be a challenging task. We encourage participants to find inspiration from different problems they face in their everyday lives, or from global issues that are close to the heart. However, many great ideas also come from leveraging the abundance of information and resources that already exist. Whether you are searching for an idea, or already in the development stage of a project - check out these helpful resources below for support during the Microsoft Encode Hackathon.